Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A whole month without nada....

not one drop, tipple, pint, shot, shooter - nothing.  I have stayed booze less for the entire month of March.  I am sure my liver feels better.  I know my joints do.  His Lordship wanted to know if he should leave time in the schedule tomorrow so he can take me to a bar to get hammered!  But since I am still in the zone, I will have to pass on that.  A 4oz pour a red wine with 1 oz of cheese is all I am allowed unless I want to drink all my carbs - that does not sound to appealing to me!


  1. We need an "AFTER" picture for motivation. Show us your sleek physique!

  2. Honestly, for us boozy folks, this really is an accomplishment so kudos to you, my friend. I tried to do the same but have to admit I fell short on 3 occasions. OVERALL, a very good month for me.

    1. we are boozy folks - but it was not the alcohol I missed but the carbs. I crave snickers bars and potato chips just as much.

  3. Ok - I will do a before and after blog when I hit target weight!