Monday, March 2, 2015

Jackie's new Workout

Amy Dixon/Paul Katami  - Double Down

Ok, Lady M - Here's a review of my new workout.  A little history - about a year ago, I stumbled onto Amy Dixon and her Breathless Body workouts.  I really enjoyed #1 but #2 left me cold so I never ordered 3.  Anyway, I was a bit hesitant to order this, although it got some great reviews.  I’ve done it several times now and here’s my assessment.

Instructors – I like Amy Dixon from her BB #1 and she is the same here.  Motivational without being cheesy, easy to listen to, easy to look at.  Paul Katami is the same, if anything he is more comfortable than Amy in this one.  So that’s a huge plus for me – instructors I can deal with over and over and over again.  And there are no annoying, distracting extras in the background. 

Routine – This is an interesting routine and it goes fast – one strength for 2 minutes and one cardio for two minutes with small breaks in between, repeated 8 times.  During each strength and cardio set, the exercise gets progressively harder (that's where the double down comes in). And it does get pretty hard, but not impossible.  The key is that you are going by the clock, not the number of reps.  If the exercise is challenging for you, modify it, slow it way down or go back to the previous exercise.  If you can only do a few reps, that’s ok – just do your best.  I like that.

Movements – These are designed to get you moving again, very important for us over 50’s, returning mobility to the body.  You just don’t realize how stiff you are getting until you try to do a Burpie – go on, Lady M, try it right now.  But unlike other workouts designed by youngsters for youngsters, I can get through this one without hurting myself.  The combo of strength moves and cardio is just right for me.  I finished this one exhausted but exhilarated, always a good thing.

I've been doing this workout and BB#1 3-4 times a week plus the exercise bike to get myself ready to run as soon as it warms up a bit.  The goal is to run a 5k at the end of April (wow, that's coming up fast ).  I’ve walked 5ks and half run a few but I’ve always wanted to make it through running strong the whole way.  I figure if I can make it through this workout, I can run 3 miles.  We shall see....


  1. Excellent goals my friend - I like that one can slow it down as fast and jerky doesn't work for my aging body. Well it works the first couple of days and by the third I am crippled. Pulled a muscle between the shoulder blades end of last week and so have been avoiding my weights and taking pain killers - I think it was shoveling snow but it could have been Kripalu yoga - who knows!!! Thanks for writing this blog - I have enjoyed reading and look forward to following your journey to 5k completion.

  2. Did you want to share this post to facebook?

  3. Hee hee - you know I don't like to share. Pulled a muscle doing Kripalu? Which one???

    Hey - should we before and after pics to motivate? Def would not like to share those!

    1. Jeanne gave me a Kripalu but I am not sure it did it. Before and after picture would be fine - I think you can always do stuff private on here. But do not want to share especially if the pics are without to many clothes highlighting my disgusting muffin top and back fat.

  4. Wow 43 page views for the Twisted Sisters - either your post is really popular or we've each been here about 21 times!