Monday, March 2, 2015

1st day in the zone

Step 1 - Weigh myself
Hmmm - how many ounces can I lose if I take of my pjs, and evacuate my orifices?  The answer is not much.  So starting weight this AM is 134 lbs - that's the baseline.

Step 2 - Come up with a zone breakfast
I didn't plan well for breakfast and lunch - just for dinner.  So I have come up with 16 oz of health drink with about 15 carbs and 4 fats and a concoction of tuna, hardboiled eggs, hummus, celery, bell pepper and green onion for 21 protein, 15 carbs and 5 more fats. Drink water

Step 3 -
Exercise -  Do some yoga. Drink water

Step 4 - Get out of this house and away from the kitchen until lunch when I can have some shrimp lettuce wraps and another health drink and drink water

Step 5 - Go take a hike and away from the kitchen again until dinner whereupon I will make Turkey meatballs with mushrooms and spinach over spaghetti squash.  Drink water

Ok that is the plan for the day - wish me luck



  1. Luck to you, friend!! I know you can do it!

    I, too, started today. Weight - 136.9 OUCH Where did that come from??? Help! Oh yeah, muscle weighs more than fat - must be all that muscle I'm gaining (yeah, right).

    Breakfast - 2 slices of ham and 1/2 cup blueberries. Snack - 1 cheese stick and an apple. Alas, I can't go hike or do yoga. Stuck at this #$^&@#* computer. Maybe tonight!

    No booze tonight after dinner. :-( Let's support each other! It's only a month!

    I owe you a blog.

    1. Sounds good - you always workout harder than me - I can't do any burpees!

  2. Lunch - 2 pieces of chicken and some roast veggies - leftovers from dinner last night. I'm not as precise as you. :)

    1. But a nice balance none the less. I need to figure out how to get you on the account and then you can come in and edit. I think it is as simple as adding your email.

    2. no booze no booze no booze - that is the mantra

  3. Dinner - well, at least no booze or sugar. Otherwise, was not in the zone. I had both bread and pasta - POO. Good news is not too much as I stopped eating when full. And then walked the dog. So the little doggie is good for something. So, all in all, first day a minor success, IMHO. Any day there's no booze or sugar is a success. :-)

  4. There is always tomorrow to be in the zone.....As Barry Sears say "just make your next meal a zone meal and your back in"....