Saturday, March 7, 2015

I just hope I can walk tomorrow....

The weather is decent this morning.  Finally time to stop procrastinating and get out on the road for a run.  Do I take the dog or no??  Decided not to, he can be very distracting and likes to stop short on you - could be dangerous.  So I laced up the shoes and off I went to the sound of Dan the Man barking madly from the house.

This goal of mine is inspired by Ms. Lynne Hahn.  We're friends on FB.  She is my age (ok, 6 months younger) but she looks 10 years younger.  She's a runner and recently bumped up her running.  She's doing an event each month this year - long events like half marathons and running relays.  She will sometimes post pictures and videos from her events online.  She's always got a big smile on her face and a great attitude.  It makes me want to get the hell out of my chair and join her - so here I go.

So the run - well, it hurt like hell.  My breathing was fine and the basement workouts are paying off.  But my old nemesis - the shins - returned immediately.  Let's not leave out the hips who made their displeasure felt at this new activity.  But the mindset was good - I CAN DO THIS.  And if the mind is determined, the body will usually follow.  I ran for a mile with only one stop at the half.  Pretty good for me.  The plan is to run one mile every other day for 2 weeks and then bump it up to 2, then 3 to be ready to go by April.

But I don't plan to stop there.  Disney Half Marathon in 2 years...who's going with me?  (Haha, bold words from a woman who seriously only has a 50/50 chance of being a able to walk tomorrow!)


  1. Good for you my friend! This is awesome. Perhaps you should look into why the shins hurt a little more - there might be some therapy you can do to help them -special stretches or some such thing.

  2. Nice workout. Let us know how you feel tomorrow. Maybe Glucasamine to keep your cartilage spongy?

  3. Good news! Not too sore at all so will try again tomorrow.

  4. Excellent - my friend Jennifer who runs marathons - yes whole ones - said you should go to Body n' Sole in Urbana and have them analyze how you run. You might need a special kind of shoe to support your type of stride.