Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Finally lost 1 pound

So I have been on the diet over two months - the first 8 pounds came off fairly fast but thereafter, my body hit a plateau at 126 and refused to budge.  Granted, I did have some cheats in April mainly because I went on vacation twice but on the whole, stayed in the zone about 90% of the time.  However, for weeks it refused to drop even the tiniest bit of weight and I was getting kind of discouraged.  Sunday I almost gave up and had two beers just to show I was quitting.  But voila, on Monday I woke up and weighed 125lb.  Being so excited, I put on my new dress to go out to dinner last night.  It was not a perfect zone meal but came close partaking in grilled catfish, a small salad, grilled veggies, a glass of wine and (so unzone) 1/4 of a banana's foster.

So I am still at it here determined to get to 124 pounds.


  1. You are stunning! Keep it up! Go farther - 120!!

  2. PS - LOVE the hair - looking very nice. When is the mountaintop event?

  3. Well it was today - in the rain - very nice. Andy and Gretchen were troopers as it rained on their parade and they rejoiced in it. Lovely ceremony - very atmospheric.