Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's the end of January

So how are the resolutions going??  January has been a fairly successful month with some healthy eating, and a accelerated workout schedule.  How close am I to my goal of hiking the Barr trail? Still frightfully distant I am afraid.  I am gonna need to kick it up to get there by May.

However my little weight workout has been manageable.  I performed this activity 12 times this month - which is about 3 times a week not 4 like I intended.  However, the week I was away I did not do it once so I guess it was four the other weeks of the month. 

I am getting fairly proficient so it is time to bump it up to something harder - more reps., more sets and new exercises.  I will keep the lunges the same as I am taking those slow so as to not hurt my knees as suggested by Jackie.
My new routine will be:

16 stationary lunges each leg with 5 lb weight
16 stationary lunges each leg with bicep curls -5 lb

bicep curls 15 reps each arm - 2 sets 8lb
overhead triceps 15 reps - 2 sets 8 lb
sit ups with 8lb weights - 8 reps - 3 sets
sit up with twist - 8 reps - 2 sets
bench press - 15 reps - 3 sets - 10 lb

My new exercises will be
single leg dumbbell row - 15 reps - 2 sets - 8 lb
squat to overhead press 15 reps - 2 sets 5 lb
I will set a goal again of 4 times a week - hope I can manage! How are your New Years resolutions shaping up?  Let me know!


  1. oh shit I did the squats wrong today!

  2. My fitness goals, which i write every morning in my journal, are to weigh 120 by 3/31 and run a 5k by 5/1. How am I doing on those? Well, the workouts were going good. Then I got ill last weekend and everything came to a screeching halt. So major set back but I'm hoping to get back on the pony very soon. The eating is always a challenge :-)

    I bought a new Amy Dixon fitness dvd. I like her workouts so I'll let you know about this one.

    1. sounds great - I hope you make those fitness goals. I have kind of given up on the weight things as my body seems happy where it is.:(