Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Making homemade sushi is fun and easy but does require some specialized equipmentStart by cutting all ingredients into long strips.  We like tuna, cucumber, carrots and avocado.  The sushi tuna comes from Costco.

You will also need Nori, a bamboo sushi tool like the one pictured below and a very sharp knife.
 We buy sushi rice from our local grocer and then cook it in a rice cooker.  I find it comes out better than if it is cooked on a stove.  It gets seasoned with rice wine vinegar, sugar, and salt while still warm. Here is a recipe if you need one.

Once the rice cools, spread it on a piece of nori.  Then lay all your stuff in lengthwise.
Begin to roll up from the end holding the fillings with your fingers and pushing with your thumbs.  There is an easy tutorial here.

Cut your sushi roll with a very sharp knife that you wash often.  Serve with ginger, soy sauce and wasabi.  We cut some tuna into sashimi.  Also, we scraped the tuna off the membranes and make spicy tuna by adding a little mayo and hot sauce.  Enjoy your sushi!




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