Monday, January 12, 2015

Making Marinated Peppers

I love marinated sweet bell peppers on salad.  They pair deliciously with pine nuts and add so much flavor that I barely need any dressing.  The other day the grocery had a sale on damage produced and I picked up 3 peppers for 99 cents.  I gave them a good wash.  I usually soak in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to remove pesticides but can't find a shred of research to back this up online.  The only research I can find is that washing in tap water for 30 seconds is as effective as any veggie wash or pesticide soak to remove pesticides.  I will await further comments on this subject.

Anyhow to make marinated sweet bell peppers, roast them under the broiler until the skins turn black.  When cool enough to handle, peel the skins off.  Slice them into long thin strips.  I put them in some recycled jam jars and added a sherry vinegar, pressed garlic, a little salt and some olive oil.  I store in the fridge.  They will be yummy on my big salads at lunch time.  They will keep about 5 days.

Cut into strips

Store in jars in fridge.  Eat  within 5 days.
Perfect in a big salad with stilton cheese and roasted pine nuts - yum. yum.


  1. Bell Peppers are the One "food allergy" that we have....
    this post is more "frightening" to me than the "things" that we post at our "Crypt"....!!!!