Friday, January 9, 2015

Health Drinks

This year I scored big with presents in the health department - His Lordship gave me both a pedometer and a Vitamix.  Do you think he is hinting at something?

Anyhow, the vitamix is a swell contraption that can take the place of a food processor and a blender.  So far I have used it to make peanut butter and apple sauce, grind wheat berries into whole wheat flour for bread, and concoct health drinks. 

The health drinks are easy and make a fine breakfast.  They can be savory with lots of veggies or sweet with fruits like smoothies.  Unlike juicing, the vitamix grinds everything up so one gets the benefit of the fiber.  Less waste and cleaning is super easy. In contrast to the juicer which has about 8 part to wash, just fill the container with soapy water and run it for 45 seconds.

During the past week I have made a health drink daily.  Here are some of  the things I have put in:

pomegranate arils
mixed greens - chard, kale and spinach
hemp hearts
ground flax
bell pepper - this overwhelms fruit drinks so I won't use it again
green tea
orange juice
tangerine juice
pureed pumpkin

I use organic produce when possible.  I peel things with skins I do not wish to eat like kiwis, bananas, pineapples but leave the skin on the apples for the fiber. I add enough water to liquefy it.  They have all come out pretty good. My least favorite had the bell pepper.  My favorite was beets, green tea, tangerine juice, strawberries, spinach, pomegranates, pureed pumpkin and blueberries.  My daughter likes them too!
Health drink in the making.  I added additional water to cover produce 1/2 way

Finished drink

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