Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Housebound Health

So my New Years resolution is to get healthy - and I started Twisted Sisters' Café as one of the ways I intend to meet this goal.  Yesterday I got out and walked but today I just got a call from the hubby - freezing rain, fog and ice.  Treacherous roads to say the least.  Semis in the ditch. So I'm feel that it would be safest to stay inside and not risk falling on an icy sidewalk.

Foggy icy morning - probably shouldn't go walking lest I fall down and can't get up

One thing I have been planning is to start lifting weights.  The last time I bothered to do this activity was May 30, 2014.  Since I have let it slide for half a year, I should start at the beginning gently.  Why?  Because if not I will cripple myself resulting in 4 days in bed and perhaps an expensive visit to the doctor.  So I will take it slow.

Here is my list of beginning exercises:

Start standing:
15 standing lunges each leg with 5lb in each hand
15 standing lunges with bicep curls - 5 lb in each hand
24 bicep curls 8lb
 16 tricep 8lb
24 rows each arm 8lb

Get down on the mat:
24 chest 8 lb
16 sits ups each R and L leg with 8 lbs
8 sits ups with twist 8 lbs

So do you have any favorite exercises??? Any suggestions on what I should be doing?  I am thinking 4 times a week would be acceptable to engage in an activity such as this.



  1. Thanks for starting this!! Great motivational tool!!

    Yes, weights are the way to go! I'd take it easy on those lunges, though, if you have sensitive knees. Start with no weight and work up. I can't do them at all, really. I do the old Firm exercise with the 10" stool - lifting body weight up and down for 16 reps or so. It works the leg without putting too much strain on the knee.

    Here's my favorite DVD these days - This really gets you going and you can make it pretty easy for beginners.

    Will ride my stationary bike tonight thanks to you!!

    1. Yes I do stationary lunges and just go up and down in a lunge position with the weights - I do not do step lunges any more because my knees complain. Would you like to write a little guest blog on the breathless body ultimate calories burn?? What you like about it etc.?

  2. I caught part of an American morning talk show on TV the other day and there was a segment on the best way to achieve the most common New Year's resolutions. Of course, health and fitness was at the top of the list. They had a health expert who suggested one of the easiest ways to start losing weight and getting fit was to up daily water intake and do 5 -10 minutes of hula hooping every day. Well... this stuck in my mind, and later I found myself casually googling hula hoops. I happened upon a business in Melbourne (where I live) that makes hula hoops for fitness centres and circus performers around the country. When I saw that they had a black and white striped design in their range, I decided the Universe was sending me a message. ;D So I'm now waiting for my cute, custom-made, weighted, black and white striped hula hoop to arrive in the mail. :D

    1. Wow Emma - that's an interesting approach to fitness. Upping water intake I have heard of but the hula hoop is a new and would have never occurred to me. Let me know how works out - it sounds intriguing. And thanks for sharing.