Saturday, January 9, 2016


I have tried sardines for years.  I could never really wrap my brain around liking the chalky, fishy, yucky taste.  That was until I met Wild Planet sardines.  These little suckers are just yummy.  Packed in olive oil,  they are really high quality sardines and the difference is noticeable.  Plus, look at the back of the box.  What a super food!  Packed with omega 3's and coq 10, they are doing my heart a world of good. They make a great snack or protein source if you are planning to go back on the zone diet like old fatty me!


  1. I still don't like them. And can't eat oysters and anchovies any more - oysters are farmed plus who knows what kind of crap oil they're packaged in. Like COTTONSEED OIL. Never eat that!

  2. Nope - I won't eat cottonseed anymore either. You can find oyster packed in olive oil in health food stores. Next time I see them, I will take a picture.