Thursday, January 14, 2016

Resolutions and the start of a booze free month...

 I have written resolutions pertaining to many aspects of my life.  A few that concern this blog are those in the realms of exercise and culinary.

·         Learn to make Kombucha
·         Try 1 new healthy recipe a month – ½ from Furhman
·         Post at least 2x a month in Twisted Sister – especially June –Dec.
·         Try 1 new fruit/veggie every month

·         Lose 12 pounds
·         Don’t gain it back again by Dec.
·         Hike more than 2 miles 3x a week – Set a trail/mountain goal every month to work toward
·         Keep an exercise calendar/log
·         Yoga and/or pilates 5x a week
·         Take yoga teacher training
·         Work out with weights 3x a week

These are ambitious goals and I have tried to include a few references to the bad holiday months when everything falls apart and becomes about discount Halloween candy and baked goods.

Today I started my diet on my quest to lose 12 pounds.  My current weight is 136 and I hope to get down to 124 - I can subtract small numbers anyway.  I have also started a booze free month beginning on Tuesday January 12th.  I will have no drinks until February 13th.  Then I will make his Lordship treat me to a Valentines dinner in celebration of my self control.  Wish me luck.



  1. Your resolutions are ambitious but you can do it! I'm going to post my resolutions tomorrow. I am with you on the NO BOOZE. I'd like to do a year starting today, but would settle for a month. Let's see how it goes :-)

    1. I am not missing it nearly as much as I did last March. I think you can do it.

    2. I started booze free on Sat, 1/16. No cravings yet but I've been off work. The real test will be coming home after a long day at the University. But I'm meditating on being a non-drinker :-). I weigh 140 - help!! Highest ever non-pregnant weight - big sigh. How is the Zone going? I'm just trying to eat right and stop eating when full. No sugar or booze.

    3. Alright - VERY PROUD OF YOU! The zone is going great - I weigh in tomorrow at 1 week but I feel tons better already. Just a lot less bloated.

  2. Your goals are amazing. I, too, think you'll do it. You're going to be so fit!

  3. Your goals are amazing. I, too, think you'll do it. You're going to be so fit!