Friday, January 22, 2016

Just Kick Me...

I have been on the zone diet for a week and have lost 4 1/2 pounds.  It has been fairly painless thus far.  Menus have consisted of smothered omelets, health drinks, Icelandic yogurt and fruit mostly for breakfast, a big old salad for lunch, and a meat and veggie dinner.  No flour. No booze. 1 cookie on Tues. and even an Indian meal out last Saturday.  I think portion control is making a big difference - I have been good about controlling the serving size.  Of course, limited carbs helps with that since I am a carboholic and have no bottom to my carb rubbish pit.  So next time I blog that I have gained 4 pounds, please just kick me and remind me of how painless it would be to go on a diet for one week (before it is 12 pounds and requires 2 months of dieting).


  1. The great thing about this blog is you can refer back to it when the pounds creep back up, as they're bound to do when you stop paying attention!

    1. yes - I need to pay attention over the summer and next holiday season!