Monday, February 23, 2015

Insane Hike

So we have been buried under a foot of snow with more to come today.  Yesterday, instead of being sensible humans and staying in our dwelling, I suggested to his Lordship that we hike.

Hmmm - 20 degrees, snow falling rapidly but let's hike.  I must be mental.

We started from the house, walked up the road which was deserted (all the other smart people stayed home) and began the ascent toward the Intermann trail.  The snow was so deep that for every step, I slid back 4 inches - a situation that called for hiking spikes - luckily I had them. 

The first part of the trail was quite pleasant.  There was a lovely tree lined canyon where the snow and wind were subdued, with a magical feel of a fairy tale.

However, once we crossed Crystal Park Road, the trail goes sharply up Iron Mountain.  Most of it is exposed to the north and the wind and snow considerably more fierce.  We did, however, pass part of the trail that we helped to build last summer.  It was holding up fine, far better than me, who by this time was sweating profusely despite the wind chill.

We helped to build this section of the Intermann
You can see by the footprints that we are not the only morons who hike in the snow.

About the 3.5 mile mark, it seemed to have no end.  The little town of Manitou looked like a ghost town.  I was sure His Lordship would rather be doing other things.

We finally reached Pawnee Rd., but madness, having taking hold of both of us by this point, impaired our judgment.  We decided to keep hiking through to Ruxton Ave. After a further mile of trudging in a foot a snow, we emerged into civilization, only to find that both our favorite bars had quit early and sent their staff home.  In despair, we continued down the Avenue, wondering if this whole venture had been for naught. Suddenly, when we spied a bright window and what looked like central heat.  WE WERE SAVED! Yay for Swirl Wine Bar! These folks are hardcore.  Their sign said even the patio was open!

Disheveled and a little achy, we sat down to a delicious pint of  local IPA and a bowl of homemade beef stew.

 So we took 15,791 steps for a total of 4.98 miles.  With all this exercise, why am I not losing a little weight? Hmmm - wonder if the IPA and beef stew have something to do with that.


  1. What a great day!! Wish I could have joined you! Love Love Love to hike in the snow :-) . How did you get home??

    1. we had left a vehicle in town earlier - so we just dusted it off and drove it home. To bad you were not here- misery loves company!