Friday, February 6, 2015

Hiking for Fitness

I have set a goal to climb the Barr Trail as far as Barr Camp in May.  In order to prepare for that, I am trying to hike 4 times a week.  On weekdays, I have been hiking 3 short trails and then on the weekends, his Lordship and I take a longer hike.

So todays hike was through the Garden of the Gods.  It was an unusually warm day - I think it set a record high.  I started on the Strausenback Trail.
It was quite pretty and the first time I actually hiked that particular route.  Here are some pictures.

I then hiked the Scotsman trail to the central garden trail.  I always try to hit the central garden 1/2 way through my hike as they have that most important of features - a flush toilet. 
I then took the Palmer trail around the west side of the park.  Here are a few picture of the central garden from the Palmer trail.

After out walking a group of very pokey trail horses, I ended up on the Siamese Twin trail and back at the car.  Total steps was 10771.  Aerobic step were 8282.  Mileage was 3.39. Tomorrow his Lordship takes me up a mountain so I hope I have the energy for that!
The Siamese Twins


  1. What a beautiful trail. I think I have been by the Siamese Twins. The Barr Trail, eh? Is Barr Camp half way up? That is very ambitious but I know you can do it! Is Mr. Minch climbing with you?

    Where did you hike today (Sat, 2/7)?

    1. Yesterday we hiked the Heizer Trail. About 51/2 miles round trip. Some decent elevation gain. My butt hurts a lot. We will actually try to hike Barr with Gretchen and Andy as they will be here in early May. They are getting married a top Pikes Peak!

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    1. Thanks - my camera is not the best but the scenery is so nice.