Saturday, October 1, 2016

Next five days menu plan

Day 1
Breakfast - smoothie, scrambled eggs with a black bean/homemade salsa topper
Lunch - leftover carrot ginger bisque
Dinner - spicy Thai basil lettuce wraps

Day 2
Breakfast - Use up whatever is in the fridge smoothie
Lunch - cream less spinach soup
Dinner - orange peanut dip with raw veggies
Stuffed peppers, roasted veggies, salad

Day 3
Breakfast  - No cook strawberry oatmeal
Lunch - Big Salad with whatever is available
Dinner - Turkey Meatballs over spaghetti squash

Day 4
Breakfast - Chocolate strawberry smoothie
Lunch - Portobello mushroom salad
Dinner - Turkey Burgers

Day 5
Breakfast - blueberry breakfast cobbler
Lunch - black bean lettuce bundles
Dinner - Salmon with pesto topper, salad, roast veggies


  1. So this menu plan sounds delicious. Can I pay you to come to my house and cook for me??

    How did the first 5 days go? Any slip-ups?

    I had ice cream last night. I suck. But back on the horse today with the blueberry banana breakfast. Will make a big salad for dinner.

    Call me!!

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  3. I am playing those by ear as I am deep into the decorating