Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Woe is me...

Alas, after a week of blissful vacation in the United Kingdom,  I have returned home four pounds heavier than when I left.  Perhaps it was the custard slice and birthday cake from Williams the Baker.  Maybe the beer and proseco?  Or might Chris Edwards award winning fruitcake be to blame? Whatever delicious delicacy I stuffed in my face, the reality is that the post diet weight I managed to maintain May, June and July is no more.  The only solution is to go back to the diet grind.

Luckily, it is farmers market season  and wonderful fruits and veggies abound.  Today, His Lordship and I visited the Bristol Brewery Farm and Art Market and stocked up.  Tomatoes, peppers, corn, carrots, beans, potatoes, eggplant, cucumbers  and okra are all in season. Organic and non GMO, it will be a pleasure to eat these treats over the next week.  I hope you find a good farmers market in your area.  Ours even features locally brewed beer and locally baked bread - yum!  Those are two things I should definitely avoid on my diet.

Our haul


  1. Love it. How are you doing on your diet Kathy? Give us the update.

    I haven't shopped the farmer's markets at all, but it's a goal.

  2. I shop at the local co-op every week. They feature local produce and lots of good stuff including local family farm raised meat products which are really nice.

    Alas, I continue to gain weight. I think it must be my thyroid. Going to try Dr. Fuhrman again to see what I can do. Just way to sedentary with the jobs, however.

    1. Yum - local co-op sounds good. I am sad summer is coming to a close as no more homegrown veggies! I think weight is such a mindful thing - we either pay close attention or it gets the upper hand quickly. Have you had your thyroid checked?